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Especially for potential and new visitors to GA meetings around South Africa

We all have to navigate around the COVID-19 threat in our country, and drastic times sometimes call for drastic measures. In the light of this viral threat GA groups had to suspend physical meetings in 2020/and early 2021 and move onto Zoom platforms.

As at October 2021 some physical meetings have resumed…. see the “meetings tab” on this site.

If contacting us via email option – click the “contact us” tab above and  please advise:

  1. Your name (first name is fine – surname is optional)
  2. Your email address
  3. Your contact telephone number
  4. Your status i.e enquiry for self , or enquiry on behalf of someone else (state relationship e.g. spouse, child, parent etc)
  5. Your province in RSA (e.g. Gauteng)

Incomplete information hampers our ability to help you, so please ensure all 5 points above are included

If contacting us via the support phone numbers listed please note: Support phones are manned by volunteers (members of GA South Africa). We may not be able to answer when you call as we work and have families too.We will NOT phone you back (as it could cause problems for you), so please phone during reasonable hours (not 3am in the morning) and if no answer just keep trying, thank you.

Call the number for your province in the side-bar >>>>>

Click here for a complete list of all the meetings in South Africa along with details of each meeting.

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