12 Steps of Recovery

Downloadable GA Steps of Recovery- “long version” for more detail

1-Step One   2-Step Two   3-Step Three

(and below are “short steps”with discussion prompts)

These constitute what is for many the “only way” to recover, and restore us to a normal way of thinking and living.

The 12 Steps can be considered in 3 main groups:

  • Steps 1,2,3 = Trust God (God of your understanding/higher power)
  • Steps 4,5,6,7,8,9 = Clean House (i.e. take stock of your personal inventories and start cleaning up)
  • Steps 10,11, 12 = Help Others

Short GA STEP 1     Short GA STEP 2    Short GA STEP 3

Short GA STEP 4   Short GA STEP 5   Short GA STEP 6   Short GA STEP 7   Short GA STEP 8  Short GA STEP 9

Short GA STEP 10   Short GA STEP 11   Short GA STEP 12



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