Monday: 19h00

  • Newlands– NewlandsPark Rehab Centre, 1 Homedale Drive, Newlands West, Durban

Monday : 19h00

  • Phoenix – Swanvale Primary School, 96 Southvale Av, Rydalvale, Phoenix

Tuesday: 19h00

  • Verulam – Everst Heights Primary School, 1 Austen Avenue Verulam

Tuesday : 19h00

  • Pietermaritzburg – Maritzburg City Driving School, 2 Lotus Street cnr Bombay, Northdale PMB

Tuesday : 19h00

  • Queensburgh – Malvern Library, Coronation Road, Malvern, Queensburgh

Tuesday: 19h00

  • Overport – St. Annes Church, Randles Road, Sydenham, Durban

Wednesday: 19h00

  • Chatsworth – Lady of Valankanni Church, Rose Heights Road, Arena Park, Chatsworth, Durban

Wednesday: 19h00

  • Phoenix –Swanvale Primary School, 96 Southvale Avenue, Rydavale, Rydavale, Phoenix

Friday: 19h00

  • Umbilo – Church of Assumption, Corner Queen Mary AV and Nicholson Road, Umbilo, Durban


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